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A Message to the Haters!

You may have noticed that when someone posts something negative on social media, I tend not to delete it. This is because I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don’t want to censor discussion. I am also not a negative person and choose not to spread further negative comments that lead to conflict.

I recall a day when I was still in my gym clothes dashing into the supermarket to buy some more broccoli. When I was about to walk across the cross walk a car drove past and a delightful young man stuck his head out the window and called out. He said "love you better get home and change your balls are hanging out." Hmmmm what a charming man. I actually took it as a compliment that I was quite lean and my muscles were popping out.

I also occasionally have people comment on my social media photos that I look like a man. My message to the haters is simple. Don’t visit places that make you negative or unhappy. Instead find things that interest and inspire you. If you don't like my posts don't view them. If you don't like muscles chix coming up on your news feeds probably best not to friend me and like my page. I am a body building athlete so yes I am a chic with muscles.

I am happy being who I am and the way I look. Life is too short and your energy is too precious for you to be finding fault with others. If you don’t like the way my body looks or the lifestyle I lead, then work on the having the body you admire and leading the lifestyle you love! Everybody is capable of making their own unique journey to happiness. You may have come by my page on the way feeling negative and angry, but now is the time to get back on your own road and forge a positive path to wherever your heart takes you.

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