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About Me

Big Red

Why Big Red? I didn’t chose the title, it was bestowed on me, and it kind of suits me don't you think?


I Work Hard.......

Big Muscles

I thrive on challenges and pushing my body as far as it can go then further. I feed my body exactly what it needs when it needs, then push it some more. What do you get? Big muscles.

I Have Fun.......

Big Brain

All too often the body is put in the spotlight and the brain is forgotten about. My brain is as much a star of this show as my biceps. The science behind health and fitness is vast covering fields from the musculoskeletal system to the endocrine system. And that’s before we even started on the psychology of sports performance!


My science background helps me to keep abreast of current research across all aspects of health fitness and wellness. It has been fundamental to my own success and a crucial part of my toolbox when helping others.


I think big.......

Big Heart

I care about people and love sharing the ups and downs of life on this big planet. I love helping people reach their goals and feel honoured when people ask me to be a part of their journey.

I have time off.......

Big Heels

I love fashion and heels well the bigger the better! What can I say?

I like shoes......

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