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Big Red Stats
Big Red Stats
Hair Colour: RED
Eye Colour: BLUE
HEIGHT 174cm
WEIGHT 75 kg contest 85 kg off season
CHEST 108 cm
BICEP 37 cm
WAIST 82 cm
HIPS 99 cm
THIGH 64 cm
CALF 42 cm
Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favourite Colour?

Red of course! To be honest I wear many colours but many people think I look great in black and blue.

Do you work?

Yes I work full-time in addition to being an athlete.  This means I am very time poor and often juggling many commitments.  I am a very organised person and multitask.  I do however, find it challenging to try and reply to all messages on social media.  Unfortunately, it is just isn't always possible to reply to thousands of messages daily.

What does your daily routine involve?

I start my day usually around 4:30am.  I reply to as many messages I can which were received over night.  I take my vitamins, have a coffee and start morning cardio.  After cardio its shower and work until around 5:00pm.  Then its gym time for weights and sometimes a little more cardio.  Then its home dinner and bed time.

What do you do when your not working out?

When I am not training I am working, preparing meals or hanging out with friends.

What was your best/worst subjects at school?

I always had a keen interest and was good at science.  Hence I pursued this interest later in life.  My worst subject was PE (physical education) I wasn't always fit!

How old are you?

I am in my thirty's.  But does age really matter.  I am grateful for every day I get.

How would a fan get your attention?

By demonstrating respect and being understanding.

What is your favourite movie?

I enjoy going to the movies to relax and catching up with friends.  I particularly enjoyed the Bourne and Matrix movie series.

What would be your one super power?

Some people call me the Health super hero.  I wish I could heal the sick and bring good health to all.

What pet would you love to have?

I don't have any pets but if I did I would like a dog.  An active dog I could take on runs with me.

What's your biggest pet peeve?

Poor gym etiquette such as people who steal your equipment, or haven't showered and worn deodorant.  The other would be people who photograph me without asking.  I'm happy to pose just ask.

So if you weren't always fit how did you become a body builder?

I made a choice to change my life and become more active, healthy and fit.  I started running intervals with the goal being able to run for 5km non stop.  I reached this goal and then set harder goals until I became a marathon runner.  Then one day whilst in the gym the senior trainer said to me you train hard but you look like shit!  She was right I was a scrawny runner.  She convinced me to train with her and to work on changing the shape of my physique.  After training with this trainer for some time I decided I was ready for a fresh challenge and trained towards my first competition. 

Why do you value health so much?

With out your health you don't have life and without good health you don't get to enjoy a good quality of life and experience all life has to offer.  With the loss of most of my family I am acutely aware of the value of health.

Why do you care so much about people?

I have suffered and endured many challenges in my life.  These challenges have made me understand and value things a little differently.  If I can help someone deal with a challenge it makes my struggles all worth while.

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