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Cravings are the main reason people say they fail at diets.  At times they can be uncontrollable!!


There are two main types of cravings

  • Emotional craving

  • Physical craving


We can crave:


Sugar – cake, lollies, chocolates

Bread and carbssssss


Physical Cravings

Low Blood Sugar

  • Main trigger for food cravings

  • Caused when we become extremely hungry or are trying to follow a very low calorie diet.

Blood Sugar Imbalance

  • Fluctuation of blood sugar levels can cause cravings, water retention, excessive thirst and mood swings.



  • Hormones can cause intense food cravings, especially for women.


  • Studies show that certain cravings, like wheat, gluten or sugar, actually reveal

  • food allergies.


Emotional Cravings

  • These foods can make us feel better

  • We use food to comfort ourselves and have strong emotional ties to certain foods and flavours.

  • We can eat out of stress, depression and boredom.


How do we deal with Cravings?

  • A cup of tea/coffee

  • Undertake a distracting activity like taking the dog for a walk

  • Listen to some music

  • Watch a movie

  • Read a book or any other relaxing activity

  • Chewing Gum

  • Water

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