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Socialising While on a Strict Diet Plan

I once had to leave a pub because I was preparing for a competition and pulled out my chicken salad to eat at 6pm. The bouncers were nice, but they said I couldn’t eat my own food on the premises despite the fact that I had checked on their menu and there was nothing I could eat and still meet my nutrition requirements. My friend tried to explain that I had a competition coming up and my meal plan was important but to no avail. We both left.

Another thing – when I do go to pubs to meet friends, I just drink water. Water is the perfect accompaniment for good conversation.

Obviously things like this make it difficult when I head out with friends. I sincerely wish I could finish this post with a few tips on navigating this problem but I don’t have any!! It will always be a juggling act. The longer I have pursued my love of fitness training the more my friends have become used to my routines and it no longer raises any eyebrows. Sometimes you just have to stick to your guns and stick to your diet despite your friend’s hens party! If anyone has any life hacks to make socialising easier then please let me know!

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