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Why do I spend so much time at the gym?

I’ve often heard the phrase ‘Wasting your life in a gym.’ If you’re not a regular gym goer, it can be difficult to understand the lifestyle. Turning up and exercising in ways that push my body and keep me fit are obvious draw cards, but here are some other reasons.

The sense of community - I don’t just walk into a gym, I walk into a community of friends. I have a support network there, I have people I can turn to for advice. If I want to talk about food, muscle gain, technique or even the best winter morning jogging spots, there will be someone for me to talk to at the gym. If my mood is flat, someone will lift it, if my mood is fabulous I can share it.

Heathy mind - Working out is a great way to give my mind some down time and clear my head. Too often we neglect our mental health and let our thoughts race away unchecked without realising how exhausted it can make us. Gym time helps me marshal those racing thoughts and get some order back up there!

Acceptance and camaraderie - Regulars at the gym are on a similar journey to me. They maybe at different stages of the journey or heading towards different goals, but while at the gym we are all on the same ship.

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