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Losing motivation, how to make sure the setback doesn’t turn into a spiral.

Losing motivation, how to make sure the setback doesn’t turn into a spiral.

Part of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle or meeting our training goals, is being realistic about drops in motivation. There will be weekends, or weeks, or months (or years!), where we fall off the wagon and eat junk food in bed while our gym pass gets dusty in whichever drawer we left it in.

There are many reasons for this, sometimes something as simple as a training injury can unravel our commitment and send our boat back into the harbour, other times we can be derailed by personal issues. There are a million and one things that could affect your motivation – by the certainty is that it will happen. And you need to prepare for it.

One thing that that will stop you hitting rock bottom is having pride in your achievements outside the gym. The promotion you got, the BBQ you built in the back yard, all the things you have managed to achieved in your life outside your training and exercise routine are the things that will nurture you and see you thorough these times.

If our self-worth remains intact, it means that if you could bench press ## one week and now its ##, the difference it will make on your self-esteem will only be the difference in ## bench presses, it will not be the reason you decide that everything’s hopeless so you might as well eat start the Big Mac Vodka diet. Being secure in your achievements will give you a valuable sense of perspective and help you work constructively to get back on track with your training goals. So make a list of things to be proud of and hang in there

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