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Taking your body out of the war zone

Many people think that getting fit and following a diet means starting a war with their body. They imagine that their eating plan will say they should have lettuce for lunch, while their body tells them it needs a pie and a caramel latte. And then the war is on between your body and your good intentions, and will kick off again at dinner, and then again around snack time before bed.

Part of my job when preparing a diet plan for clients is conducting ‘peace talks.’ Your body isn’t craving the packet of chips. What it really wanted was a healthy serve of carbohydrates. Likewise, it doesn’t want the Tim Tams in the office kitchen, it just needed a lunchtime glucose boost. The message here is that a healthy eating plan which includes set eating times, will give your body the nutrients it needs before it turns them into cravings.

The key to the plan is the timing of meals. We want to predict what your body will need throughout the day and make sure it receives it BEFORE it gets hungry and decides it needs a pie. That way, you can start to work with your body and make healthy changes and there is no need for a fight.

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